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Freedom Riders

Recreated by: jkleinohsu

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Historical Figures

  • Leo%20lillard

    Leo LillardAfter taking part in the 2nd and most brutal ride, Leo Lillard became a strong supporter of the Freedom Ride Cause. He also helped drive many freedom riders ...

  • Pauline%20knight

    Pauline Knight Part of the May 28 wave of Freedom Riders from the Nashville Student Movement, Pauline Knight-Ofusu escaped the violence of the earlier rides. Pauline ...

  • Ernest%20rip%20patton

    Ernest "RIP" PattonAt the age of 21, Ernest "RIP" took part in the May 24th ride. Throughout this terrifying ride, he helped take care of the many others on the ride. While on ...

  • John%20moody
  • Susan

    Susan WilburOne of 2 white women to take part in the May 17-21 ride, Susan literally put in her life in danger. She survived the bus burning attack and was there to ...

  • John%20lewis

    John Lewis One of the best known Freedom Riders, this 19 year old joined the Freedom Rides with five arrest under his belt. He was energetic and excited to be fighting ...

  • Jim%20zwerg

    Jim ZwergOne of two whites selected to take part in the original Freedom Ride. He truly risked his life to be a part of something he believed in. During one of the ...

  • Bernard%20lafayette

    Bernard Lafayette Bernard Lafayette was a strong supporter of the Freedom Rides. At age of 22 he already had a strong past of sit ins and other protest events. He played an ...

  • Genivieve%20hughes

    Genevieve Hughes Genevieve Hughes was one of two women to participate in the original Freedom Ride. While she was only 28 years old, she risked her life to participate in a ...

  • Perkins

    Joseph PerkinsAt the age of 27, Joseph started out on the Freedom Ride. Not only was he part of the first ride, but also was the first arrested. He helped plan and take ...

Historical Timeline

  • Perkins

    Joseph Perkins This event will take place over the course of one month. It relives the horror and hardship the men and women endured during the Freedom Rides.

    Wed, May 04, 2011 10:50AM