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The Boston Tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party took place on Sunday December 16, 1773. The event in total took about 2-3 hours. A group of local Bostonians known as "The Sons of Liberty" dressed up as Mohawk Indians and once the ship was docked, they stormed aboard it. Once aboard they flung all of the tea boxes over the edge into the ocean where it all sank to the bottom, gone forever. In total, almost 350 boxes (40 tons) of British owned tea was lost that night. The action was a message to the Brits', that the locals were not going to stand there acts any longer and certainly would not stand for "taxation without representation".

Historical Figures

  • James Donovan IIIGood evening, the names Donovan, James Donovan. The 3rd. I am a proud citizen of the Boston, Massachusetts area and I have a newly founded hatred for the ...

  • Samuel Q. CorneliusHello, my name is Samuel Q. Cornelius. I am a fellow Bostonian, and proud to say so. I am much against the Brits' thrusting themslves upon us and taking ...

Historical Timeline

  • Samuel Q. Cornelius It's Samuel Q. Cornelius here. I'm tweeting about an idea i have come up with. It will put the Brits' "over the edge".

    Wed, Dec 12, 2012 12:00AM