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  • Rev. A. D. Betts 07:59 PM July 10, 2009
    Day among wounded.
  • Rev. A. D. Betts 09:59 AM July 09, 2009
    Ride to Williamsport to see our wounded.
  • Louis Leon 12:00 PM July 08, 2009
    Our three lieutenants are all wounded and prisoners. Katz is also a prisoner.
  • Louis Leon 11:59 AM July 08, 2009
    We are resting, and, goodness knows, we need it very much.
  • Rev. A. D. Betts 09:58 AM July 08, 2009
    Rain and wind.
  • Louis Leon 10:58 PM July 07, 2009
    Marched all day yesterday and today, halted in Hagerstown, Md. - twenty-four miles.
  • Rev. A. D. Betts 03:58 PM July 07, 2009
    Move on and camp one-and-a-half miles from Hagerstown.
  • Rev. A. D. Betts 01:58 PM July 06, 2009
    Division moves slowly on through Fountain Dale Gap.
  • Abraham Lincoln 11:55 AM July 06, 2009
    ...the enemy is crossing his wounded over the river in flats, without saying why he does not stop it.
  • Abraham Lincoln 11:54 AM July 06, 2009
    I left the telegraph office a good deal dissatisfied. I see a despatch from General French, saying...
  • Louis Leon 10:01 AM July 06, 2009
    They would then advance until we would make a stand, fight again, and so it was until we reached Fairfield, six miles from Gettysburg.
  • Louis Leon 10:00 AM July 06, 2009
    We were close enough to the enemy to hear their commands. We would hold them in check and give them a few rounds, then fall back again.
  • Louis Leon 09:59 AM July 06, 2009
    We were the rear of the army, and therefore had a very hard job before us. Fighting in falling back we certainly had fun.
  • Louis Leon 09:58 AM July 06, 2009
    Our company was ordered out as skirmishers to-day, as our regular skirmish corps was broken up during the fight.
  • Louis Leon 01:58 PM July 05, 2009
    Only marched ten miles to-day. The enemy being in our rear, and skirmishing very strong.
  • Louis Leon 04:58 AM July 05, 2009
    Left this morning at 5 o'clock.
  • Dunn Browne 08:58 PM July 04, 2009
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  • Harper's Weekly 07:13 PM July 04, 2009
    The rain came and with it cool air and refreshment both from wind and rain. No one could tell what the enemy were doing.
  • Harper's Weekly 06:58 PM July 04, 2009
    Gettysburg was turned into a vast hospital, and impromptu ones were made at a dozen places on the field.
  • Harper's Weekly 06:43 PM July 04, 2009
    All the day was spent in feeding and resting the men.
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