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  • Abraham Lincoln 04:34 PM July 04, 2009
    Thank you for following the Battle of Gettysburg. To be informed of future historical reenactments, be sure to follow @twhistory.
  • Rev. A. D. Betts 02:58 PM July 04, 2009
    Col. Parker and Bennett start for Virginia in ambulance.
  • Louis Leon 02:58 PM July 04, 2009
    As yet I have not heard a word from my brother Morris since the first day's fight.
  • Rev. A. D. Betts 11:00 AM July 04, 2009
    Bury Lieut. Connell and a man of the 4th N.C. Regiment. I wrote to the young man's father, near Statesville, to tell him I buried his son.
  • Charles Wainwright 10:58 AM July 04, 2009
    For more information on Colonel Charles S. Wainwright, visit http://bit.ly/AtL6v
  • Louis Leon 10:02 AM July 04, 2009
    An army that has gained a great victory follows it up while its enemy is badly crippled; but Mead knows he has had as much as he gave.
  • Louis Leon 10:01 AM July 04, 2009
    They have lost at least as many in killed and wounded as we have. We have taken more prisoners from them than they have from us.
  • Louis Leon 10:00 AM July 04, 2009
    The battle is over, and although we did not succeed in pushing the enemy out of their strong position, they have nothing to boast about.
  • Louis Leon 09:59 AM July 04, 2009
    The funny part of it is, the Yankees have all turned black. Several of our company, wounded, have died. Katz is getting along all right.
  • Louis Leon 09:58 AM July 04, 2009
    No fighting today, this the fourth day of July, but we are burying the dead. They have been lying in the sun since the first day's fight.
  • Edward Alexander 09:58 AM July 04, 2009
    For more information about General Edward Porter Alexander, please refer to http://bit.ly/fgCO1
  • Harper's Weekly 08:13 AM July 04, 2009
    The Federal army was terribly crippled and sadly in want of rest, and no advance was made.
  • John Apperson 07:58 AM July 04, 2009
    For more information on John Samuel Apperson, Please visit: http://bit.ly/etPp7
  • Abraham Lincoln 07:58 AM July 04, 2009
    I'm announcing to the country that news from Army of the Potomac is such as to cover that army with the highest honor.
  • Harper's Weekly 07:58 AM July 04, 2009
    General Meade expected another attack; but, instead of making it, the enemy retreated further.
  • Rev. A. D. Betts 06:48 AM July 04, 2009
    Move corps hospital early to a barn three miles towards Fairfield.
  • Abraham Lincoln 06:44 AM July 04, 2009
  • Dunn Browne 04:02 AM July 04, 2009
    Our brigade has just entered the town of Gettysburg and report the rebels just out of town and in full retreat.
  • Harper's Weekly 03:58 AM July 04, 2009
    The dead in the streets of Gettysburg are being buried, and the wounded on the field are being collected and carried to the rear.
  • John Apperson 09:39 PM July 03, 2009
    Orders have just come in to move the sick. We are in retreat.
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