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  • Charles Wainwright 03:50 PM April 13, 2009
    Each man is also to carry 60 rounds of ammunition; ninety more to go on mules. I believe we are ready to start now on twelve hours' notice.
  • Charles Wainwright 03:49 PM April 13, 2009
    Received orders that look like a start. The men are to carry 5 days' rations in their knapsacks; and 3 day's in their havresacks.
  • Robert McAllister 03:46 PM April 13, 2009
    The Rebels were trying to send us a paper by making a little boat and and then letting it loose upstream. The attempts proved failures.
  • Robert McAllister 03:43 PM April 13, 2009
    Just returned from a nice ride down the river where I saw the Rebels on the opposite bank.
  • Mason W. Tyler 01:22 PM April 13, 2009
    The enthusiasm of the troops is very high at the present time. All hands agree in declaring that the army was never in so fine a condition.
  • Mason W. Tyler 01:22 PM April 13, 2009
    Furloughs and leaves of absences now ceased, and every available man was called back to join him command.
  • Abraham Lincoln 10:57 PM April 12, 2009
    @ MajGen_Hooker Your letter is received, and will be conformed to. The thing you dispense with would have been ready by mid-day to-morrow.
  • John Pardington 10:52 PM April 12, 2009
    @ Sarah: Write soon. Write soon.
  • John Pardington 10:51 PM April 12, 2009
    @ Sarah: Good By My dear Wife and may Heaven choisest Blessing rest upon you Both are the Prayers of your affec Husband and Father.
  • Edward Alexander 10:48 PM April 12, 2009
    A court martial has been ordered & I have been made president of the court. We are to use the church, Mt Carmel, for a place of sitting.
  • Robert McAllister 10:46 PM April 12, 2009
    This day is quite warm and like spring. There is some cannonading at a distance. But what it is we don't know...
  • Charles Wainwright 10:43 PM April 12, 2009
    We do not yet get any direct accounts of the attempt on Charleston: the reports through rebel sources are that Dupont's fleet was repulsed.
  • Abraham Lincoln 02:38 PM April 12, 2009
    (to Admiral_Dupont cont.) Do not allow the enemy to erect new batteries or defenses on Morris Island. If he has begun it, drive him out.
  • Abraham Lincoln 02:36 PM April 12, 2009
    Wrote to Admiral_Dupont: Hold your position near Charleston; or, if you shall have left it, return to it, and hold it until further orders.
  • Charles Wainwright 12:08 PM April 11, 2009
    The reviewing is over, the President gone back to Washington, and all once more quietly waiting for orders to move out.
  • Abraham Lincoln 12:02 PM April 11, 2009
    Tracking down a soldier, John R. Minnick, under sentence of death. Unsure of what his offense, and when is he to be executed.
  • Edward Alexander 07:54 PM April 10, 2009
    There have been peddlers selling whiskey in the vicinity of the army. I have caught one outfit of them, and doubt we will see them again.
  • Robert McAllister 07:49 PM April 10, 2009
    Saw the rebel fires yesterday, on the opposite bank of the Rappahanock. We have at least 4 miles to picket.
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