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  • Louis Leon 02:33 PM April 16, 2009
    At 7 this morning we resumed our march. Went two miles, then turned about and went to our old camp. Just ordered to march again.
  • David Strother 12:13 PM April 16, 2009
    Captured 5 rebels today. They were conscripts of the 18th Louisiana and all spoke French.
  • William Cline 12:09 PM April 16, 2009
    It Begines to looke like a march today. i and 29 more were Detailde as garde fore a suply Train to gow to the 1 Division of hour corpese
  • Abraham Lincoln 12:07 PM April 16, 2009
    I have repudiated the agreement with Bernard Kock regarding colonization of the Republic of Haiti.
  • Robert McAllister 12:29 AM April 16, 2009
    I am now satisfied that we are going towards Richmond...
  • Harper's Weekly 08:13 PM April 15, 2009
    Prejudice against black soldiers is steadily disappearing with their record of obedience, alacrity, steadiness, and bravery in the field.
  • Abraham Lincoln 06:37 PM April 15, 2009
    @ Gen_Hooker: General S. is not moving rapidly enough. I fear it is another failure already. Write me often. I am very anxious.
  • Abraham Lincoln 06:35 PM April 15, 2009
    @ Gen_Hooker: I received your letter of this morning; it gives me considerable uneasiness. The rain and mud were to be calculated upon.
  • William Cline 04:51 PM April 15, 2009
    Wea laide in campe. Ite Rainde all Day
  • David Strother 04:48 PM April 15, 2009
    Started early and rode rapidly for several miles. Met three Texans on horseback. They were fine, desperate looking fellows.
  • Robert McAllister 04:01 PM April 15, 2009
    We are very fortunate in not having broken our camp. Thousands must be on the march in this raging storm. Oh, how I pity their situation...
  • Edward Alexander 01:20 PM April 15, 2009
    Our court martial has two capital cases, both from @ Woolfolk's battery; Howard and Nelson. Both are deserters.
  • Robert McAllister 01:17 PM April 15, 2009
    The cavalry have gone up the river and, I think, have crossed. We heard firing yesterday and this morning but have learned nothing.
  • Charles Wainwright 01:16 PM April 15, 2009
    The newspapers pretend to have a great deal in them but when one knows that most of it is false there is little satisfaction in reading them
  • Charles Wainwright 01:03 PM April 15, 2009
    @ Stonemen started with nearly the whole Cavalry Corps on Monday morning. He was to cross at Rappahannock Station, and go as far as Culpeper
  • Dunn Browne 12:56 PM April 15, 2009
    This locality is bare, bleak and desolate, muddy, and in ruin, all the beauty trampled out long ago under the ruthless tread of a great army
  • Robert McAllister 11:45 AM April 15, 2009
    The storm has increased with a terrible force. Our orders to move forward have been countermanded.
  • Robert McAllister 10:58 AM April 15, 2009
    I was sure that today we would bid adieu to our camp and be on the march. But last night it commenced raining and this morning was very wet.
  • John Pardington 10:56 AM April 15, 2009
    @ Sarah: The day we move onward I will try and send you a note. Pray for me Sarah that God will take care of me through all danger and harm.
  • John Pardington 10:55 AM April 15, 2009
    @ Sarah: I tell you we aint no further from the Rebels than is our camp that from Detroit to trenton. We can go that in one day.
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