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  • John Apperson 09:13 AM April 15, 2009
    Soon after morning rain commenced falling and with the wind made one of the most disagreeable days.
  • Louis Leon 12:11 AM April 15, 2009
    Marched 5 miles thru mud and water, fell in mud several times, we're beautiful objects to look at, completely covered with our suits of mud.
  • Harper's Weekly 09:12 PM April 14, 2009
    Anxiety at Charleston:its capture would strike a blow at the rebellion while the repulse of Hunter and Dupont would discourage the North.
  • John Apperson 08:04 PM April 14, 2009
    Our fishing part for this evening is broken up. I am loosing time that should be spent reading and studying.
  • Abraham Lincoln 05:56 PM April 14, 2009
    @ Gen_Hunter & Adm_Dupont: Once again before Charleston, do not leave until further orders from here.
  • John Pardington 02:31 PM April 14, 2009
    @ Sarah: we are making great preperations to move. We expect to move this week at the furthest. We ahve got to cross the Rapahanock again.
  • John Pardington 02:30 PM April 14, 2009
    @ Sarah: I received a letter from you last night; the one that had the Pattern of your Dress in. I think it is firstrate and Pretty.
  • Robert McAllister 02:27 PM April 14, 2009
    Hooker will move rapidly. Fighting will be the order of the day. Where or how I can't tell, but we will move towards Richmond.
  • Robert McAllister 02:27 PM April 14, 2009
    We are all in a bustle getting ready to move forward. I do not think we will move this evening or tonight, but no doubt very soon.
  • Charles Wainwright 02:25 PM April 14, 2009
    A rainy day enables me to write, and the prospect of a move now at any moment admonishes me to do so.
  • Mason W. Tyler 01:41 PM April 14, 2009
    There is obviously no desire to repeat General Burnside's "Mud Campign" back in January. Back to our drills and work of preparation.
  • John Apperson 12:43 PM April 14, 2009
    This morning the sun shone brightly and I expected a beautiful day. Towards noon, the air grew cooler and some indications of clouds
  • Mason W. Tyler 08:00 AM April 14, 2009
    One of those hard Virginia rains has set in. The ground is soaked. The army probably won’t be able to move for 10 days.
  • William Cline 12:21 AM April 14, 2009
    Today there was marchinge orders came to carey 60 Roundes of Amunition ande 8 Dayes Rationes 3 cooked an 5 unkooked
  • John Apperson 11:19 PM April 13, 2009
    I loaned Capt. Francisco $140.00 to-day. He gave his due bill for the unit.
  • John Apperson 11:14 PM April 13, 2009
    To-day is beautiful. The sun shines cheerful. The fields seem to smile again.
  • David Strother 09:06 PM April 13, 2009
    They have smoked Grover's movement and will probably retire without a heavy fight.
  • David Strother 09:05 PM April 13, 2009
    Luce climbed a tree this morning and noticed a retrograde movement of enemy troops.
  • Mason W. Tyler 09:04 PM April 13, 2009
    Everything not absolutely needed upon the march is being to the rear. It looks like an immediate move.
  • Mason W. Tyler 09:03 PM April 13, 2009
    Orders issued to furnish eight days’ rations in the haversacks of the army, with sixty rounds of ammunition to each man.
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