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  • Charles Wainwright 07:43 PM April 22, 2009
    Still rain. Stoneman was on the north side of the Rappahannock yesterday morning, and will hardly get over the river for some days to come.
  • John Pardington 06:29 PM April 22, 2009
    @ Maria: When we get paid, I will get my Picture taken in full uniform gun and all and send it. It is only a dollar. Parade rest looks best.
  • Dunn Browne 04:43 PM April 22, 2009
    If this army could only move in an ark against the rebels, it wouldn't make so much difference; but we are restricted to legs.
  • Dunn Browne 04:43 PM April 22, 2009
    Noah may have experienced harder rain after he drew in the gang-plank, but I don't believe he heard it patter so many nights over his head.
  • David Strother 10:53 AM April 22, 2009
    Official news of the capture of Butte a la Rose was received. This completes our expedition.
  • David Strother 09:06 AM April 22, 2009
    News has come that the attack on Charleston has failed. I hope this will settle Hunter, who is a fool, and Adml DuPont, who lacks enterprise
  • Dunn Browne 05:14 PM April 21, 2009
    There is no "oldest inhabitant" in these regions to inquire of, else I would get his testimony to add to my own.
  • Dunn Browne 05:14 PM April 21, 2009
    Of all the wet seasons that ever threatened to drown out and wash away this dirty continent of ours, this is the climax.
  • John Apperson 05:12 PM April 21, 2009
    This has been a chilly day. The spring is very backward, very few trees show any inclination to bud.
  • John Pardington 05:11 PM April 21, 2009
    My Brothers write Pretty regular which I shall always remember.
  • Charles Wainwright 05:08 PM April 21, 2009
    Neither officers nor men are quite so anxious for a fight as they were last spring, both are seasoned and know more about their business.
  • Charles Wainwright 05:07 PM April 21, 2009
    This army is now in good order to commence operations. There has been a large amount of drilling going on for the last month.
  • Robert McAllister 05:05 PM April 21, 2009
    @ Ellen: We are still here. Something is going on but no one knows what it is. I road down to the Lacy House and saw a Rebel regiment.
  • David Strother 04:02 PM April 21, 2009
    The Texans are playing the devil through the country as they retreat, and the people follow them with curses.
  • David Strother 03:11 PM April 21, 2009
    So this fool runs into our lines to complain to the Major General and of course will remain inside our lines for several days.
  • David Strother 03:10 PM April 21, 2009
    I asked if the Negroes had committed any outrage. He said no, but his wife was nervous.
  • David Strother 03:10 PM April 21, 2009
    A man named Rogers came in from the country to complain that 2 Negroes had come to his house to buy eggs and had scared his wife into fits.
  • David Strother 01:43 PM April 21, 2009
    We have seized the city with Robison's cavalry. Thus far our advance has been an uninterrupted success. We'll breathe here for a day or two.
  • David Strother 12:32 PM April 21, 2009
    I am not sure but some of the girls and young sisters would rather the men had been allowed to break in.
  • David Strother 12:31 PM April 21, 2009
    Came across a church. A padre asked protecetion for the religious house of sisters opposite. We accorded it and placed the guard.
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