• William Clayton 08:09 AM May 13, 2010
    5/13/2010 8:01 AM ...on account of the former taking the latter prisoner and putting him under a guard part of the night.
  • William Clayton 08:02 AM May 13, 2010
    Some feelings are manifested this morning between brothers Thomas Tanner and Aaron Farr...
  • Albert Rockwood 07:34 AM May 13, 2010
    Br Farr was delivered to Pres Young as a prisiner of disobediance, the case was dismissed as it did not appear as aney thing was maliscieous
  • Albert Rockwood 06:14 AM May 13, 2010
    Capt of the Watch reported Br Farr not retiring at the usual hour & talking so to desterb the peas he also reportd some thearts by Br Brown
  • William Clayton 06:01 AM May 13, 2010
    This morning cold and cloudy, cold enough for overcoats and buffalo robes.
  • Erastus Snow 08:49 PM May 12, 2010
    We have traveled 12 miles today and have had a warm South wind and good roads
  • Lorenzo Young 08:12 PM May 12, 2010
    we have a southeast wind the dust is troublesom. traveled 8 miles and stopped to bate our teams then came on 4 miles camped for the night
  • Charles Harper 06:51 PM May 12, 2010
    We have traveled about 22 miles in the last two days.
  • Levi Jackman 06:24 PM May 12, 2010
    we went 12 miles and camped it was a fine warm day.
  • Albert Rockwood 06:09 PM May 12, 2010
    The difficulty between Br Z Colton and Br S H Erl is amicily settled
  • George A. Smith 04:26 PM May 12, 2010
    Camped in a circle near a recently vacated Indian camp (probably Sioux). They had left a good many old moccasins.
  • George A. Smith 04:23 PM May 12, 2010
    Soil good and grass much better than it has been. Width of bottom from 1 to 3 miles. Elevation of bluffs from 1 to 150 feet. 12 miles.
  • Albert Rockwood 03:02 PM May 12, 2010
    Traveled 12 mile this day making 338 miles. We have now a more suer way of knowing the distance with a mashien invented by Br Harmon
  • John Tippits 01:51 PM May 12, 2010
    the mornings and eavenings are verry cool and the middle of the day is warm and pleasant
  • William Clayton 01:13 PM May 12, 2010
    The hunters have seen many dead buffalo between here and the bluff with hides off and tongues taken out; Indians here very recently.
  • Erastus Snow 11:28 AM May 12, 2010
    There are many buffalo carcasses left by the indians who only take the hide, tongue, marrow bones and here and there a choice cut of meat.
  • William Clayton 09:12 AM May 12, 2010
    We have passed over vast beds of salt, or rather dust with a salt taste. It looks something like dirty flour.
  • Horace Whitney 06:14 PM May 11, 2010
    we arose and returned to the camp, after having enjoyed one of the happiest & briefest meetings that I have experienced
  • Horace Whitney 06:12 PM May 11, 2010
    Then we knelt down, & he made a beautiful prayer, which for sincerity & depth of feeling cannot be surpassed
  • Horace Whitney 06:11 PM May 11, 2010
    He then spoke that in about 2 months he thought we would reach our destination in time to plant turnips, make gardens, build a few houses &c;
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