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Book of Jonah

Recreated by: kevinwolfe

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One of the books in the Bible. The old one.

Historical Figures

Historical Timeline

  • Morgan Freeman Hey @JonahHill, go to Nineveh! The @PeopleofNineveh are being total jerks!

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 12:00AM
  • Jonah Hill @MorganFreeman Okaaaay I'm on my way, just give me a few minutes to pack my backs and whatnot...

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 12:31AM
  • Jonah Hill Does anyone know like a good website to get cheap tickets to Tarshish? And fast!

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 12:33AM
  • Sailors @JonahHill You're in total luck, we're offering free balcony upgrades on our cruise at 8 tonight.

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 12:40AM
  • Morgan Freeman @JonahHill How stupid do you think I am?? I'm God, for God's sake, obviously I check the Twitter feeds.

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 02:00PM
  • Jonah Hill @MorganFreeman I know what @PeopleofNineveh will do to the Jews in the future, and I want no part of it! #CalledInASickDayAtWork

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 02:11PM
  • Morgan Freeman @JonahHill Very well. You leave me no choice. Just remember, your trip to Tarshish might not "blow over" so well if you know what I mean. MWAHAHA

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 04:31PM
  • Jonah Hill @MorganFreeman Whatever dude. #EarlyVacay #I'mOnABoat

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 05:56PM
  • Sailors Someone help!! We're stuck in a storm that for some reason only affects our boat! #AnyoneOwnSailingForDummies?

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 08:56PM
  • Sailors @JonahHill We casted lots and you are the one who caused this havoc. GET OFF THE SHIP

    Thu, Nov 08, 0008 09:02PM