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Flint sit down strike

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Historical Figures

  • Walter ReutherAmerican labor union leader, that made the United Automobile Workers(UAW) a major force not only in the auto industry but also in the Democratic Party in ...

  • Wyndam MortimerAmerican trade Union organizer and was active in the United Auto Workers Union. He became a leader of a group called "Unity Caucus" which encouraged the ...

  • Henry KrausStrike Organizer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Kraus ...

  • Alfred SloanPresident of General Motors http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_P._Sloan ...

  • Harold Elmore BradshawBradshaw was born to John P. H. Bradshaw and Winifred L. (Hurd) Bradshaw on November 5, 1898 in Davison, Genesee County, Michigan. During World War I, he ...

  • Frank MurphyLiberal Democratic Irish Immigrant. Elected as Mayor of Detroit in 1931. He attempted to tackle high unemployment by determining the number of those needing ...

Historical Timeline

  • Frank Murphy "Hunger March" (3,000 Communist-inspired demonstrators gathered in Detroit preparatory to go to Dearborn to present Henry Ford with demands for union recognition.) - "The Constitution grants the rights of free assembly and free speech even to radicals."

    Mon, Mar 07, 1932 03:00PM
  • Alfred Sloan There is massive unemployment, if workers don't speed up, they will be replaced #getitingear

    Wed, Jul 01, 1936 08:00AM
  • Henry Kraus Management tell employees to speed up, and if they complain than there are 400 willing replacements #imgivingitallshesgotcaptain

    Wed, Jul 01, 1936 05:00PM
  • Walter Reuther “As an automobile worker, as an official, as a member of the Socialist Party, and as a patriotic citizen, I pledge myself to the service of all the people of the city.”

    Sun, Dec 06, 1936 03:00PM
  • Henry Kraus One worker has fainted, 20 minutes till shift end, one sector striking, others joining in #dominosbegintofall

    Thu, Dec 10, 1936 09:01AM
  • Wyndam Mortimer If employees withhold their labor, production will be stopped and employers will be pressured into making concessions.

    Tue, Dec 15, 1936 08:00AM
  • Walter Reuther No longer will employees remain nameless, faceless clock numbers.

    Sat, Dec 19, 1936 12:00PM
  • Walter Reuther Management has no divine rights!

    Sun, Dec 20, 1936 08:00AM
  • Wyndam Mortimer "I will not dignify the wild charges made against me...by either denying or admitting them. Redbaiting is, and always has been, the employers' most potent weapon against those of us who believe in and fight for industrial unionism"

    Wed, Dec 30, 1936 07:30AM
  • Henry Kraus Our numbers are swelling and more plants our closing we have grown from 78 members to 3000 #cantignoreusmuchlonger

    Fri, Jan 01, 1937 09:00AM