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Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution from the peoples perspective

Historical Figures

  • Mary MargretI am a wife and mother of two children. My husband left his job as a carpenter to work in a factory. Now myself and my oldest daughter both work in the ...

  • John WringerI am the owner of a textile factory. I was born into money, and decided to jump on this industrial revolution while the iron was hot. I want my piece of ...

  • DavidI used to be a farmer, now I work in the factories to help my family survive. ...

  • James WattI perfected the stream engine. Now it can be used in the factories. ...

  • James HargreavesI am the inventor of the Spinning Jenny. I think it will change how things are made around the globe ...

  • WillieI work at the Quidwick Company Mill. Factory work is hard, but I don't mind. ...

  • JennyI was an orphan, that is until the textile factory went and made me an apprentice. ...

Historical Timeline

  • James Watt Today marks a great day for everyone. I have perfected the steam engine and now it can be used in factories.

    Mon, Aug 01, 1763 01:05PM
  • James Hargreaves Today i patented my amazing spinning jenny. It will allow one worker to run eight spindles instead of one.

    Wed, Aug 01, 1770 01:05PM
  • David It seems as if I can't make enough money on my farm to support my family. What am I going to do?

    Tue, Aug 01, 1780 01:05PM
  • David I don't like these long hours doing the same thing over and over. I long for the days on the farm being my own boss and deciding what I was going to do.

    Sat, Aug 12, 1780 01:05PM
  • David We are moving to the city to become factory workers, there is supposed to be more money in this trade.

    Sun, Aug 20, 1780 01:05PM
  • David The conditions in which we live are awful. I feel responsible for bringing my wife and children to this place. But we are stuck here now.

    Tue, Sep 12, 1780 01:05PM
  • David My wife and two children are both working in the factories now in order to survive. This is not the life I wanted for my family.

    Wed, Sep 20, 1780 01:05PM
  • Mary Margret I long for the days when I didn't have to work in this factory.

    Fri, Aug 02, 1782 01:05PM
  • Mary Margret The lady who watched my youngest started work in the factory today. I don't know what I am going to do with little timmy now, he is only 4, far too young to start work.

    Mon, Aug 19, 1782 01:05PM
  • Mary Margret I was forced to leave Timmy with a stranger today. They call it a daycare for the children who are too young to work, but it is far from that. But I have no choice, it only costs .25 a day and I make .48 so I still bring some home

    Wed, Aug 21, 1782 08:08AM