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January 1863: Emancipation Proclamation, Bowler letters

Recreated by: mncivilwar

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Follow reactions to President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, life during the war and letters between a wife and husband at war.

Historical Figures

  • William ChristieFighting the good fight for Minnesota in the 1st MN Light Artillery with my brother @TomChristieMN. ...

  • Thomas ChristieIrish Born, Minnesota defending. Joined the 1st MN Light Artillery with my brother @WillChristieMN. ...

  • Edward WalkerBorn in 1840 in Massachusetts; moved to Minnesota to be a machinist in Clearwater before serving as a corporal in Company D of the 1st Minnesota. ...

  • Matthew MarvinWent from working as a clerk in Winona, MN to fighting the Confederates with the 1st MN Reg't. ...

  • Elizabeth BowlerWife/Mother/Daughter. Keeping the home fires burning in MN while my hubby @MadisonBowler fights. I’d rather have a husband at home than a pen pal. ...

  • Isaac TaylorFighting next to my brother @HenryTaylorMN in the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry through thick and thin, even Gettysburg... ...

  • Jane Grey SwisshelmOpinionated editor of the St. Cloud Democrat. Abolitionist. Calling it like I see it. ...

  • Alfred GalesEscaped a life of slavery in Arkansas; enlisted with the 3rd MN Reg't. as a cook. Once this war is over, I’ll start a new free life in Minnesota. ...

Historical Timeline

  • Jane Grey Swisshelm As editor of the St. Cloud Democrat, it's my duty to ensure MN is kept up to date with the latest happenings of the war in the South.

    Thu, Jan 01, 1863 02:20PM
  • Jane Grey Swisshelm Lincoln: All persons held as slaves within any State..in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.

    Thu, Jan 01, 1863 02:36PM
  • Jane Grey Swisshelm As of 1/1/63 Slaves in the rebellious states would be thenceforth and forever free, military/navy would maintain freedom of such persons.

    Thu, Jan 01, 1863 02:41PM
  • Henry Taylor Bright clear day like Jan 1, 1862. Pres. Lincoln signed a proclamation today freeing all the slaves of the states in arms against the U.S.

    Thu, Jan 01, 1863 02:50PM
  • Alfred Gales I've been hearing rumors that Pres. Lincoln will set all slaves free...#emancipationproclamation

    Thu, Jan 01, 1863 03:02PM
  • Isaac Taylor Union progressed little during the past year. South is gaining & the North losing confidence in its cause. A victory may restore confidence.

    Thu, Jan 01, 1863 08:00PM
  • James Madison Bowler Stationed with the rest of the 3rd Regt in St. Paul. Waiting to receive marching orders.

    Thu, Jan 01, 1863 08:50PM
  • James Madison Bowler I have read with great pleasure the Presidents' late Emancipation Proclamation. I now feel we are upon the right road at last.

    Thu, Jan 01, 1863 10:20PM
  • Robert Hickman 12 hours everyday spent splitting logs here in Missouri...Might sneak away to the next plantation tomorrow to see my family...

    Fri, Jan 02, 1863 02:50AM
  • Edward Bassett Camp life in Falmouth, Virginia isn't so bad when our rations finally arrive.

    Fri, Jan 02, 1863 01:05PM