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Late Middle Ages

Recreated by: dunnavantk

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This is a re-enactment that will cover the Crusades, the Black Plague, and other events during the Late Middle Ages.

Historical Figures

  • Bishop Pierre CauchonI am the Bishop of Beauvais, and I served as one of the judges in the trial of Joan of Arc. ...

  • Joan of ArcJoan d'Arc (1412 - 1431) was a peasant girl who claimed to see visions and took France to victory during the Hundred Years' ...

Historical Timeline

  • Joan of Arc I just saw the most beautiful thing in the field. I saw three saints, and they talked to me. Has anyone else had this happen? I don't even think my priest has seen the saints. I hope I see them again. BFN!

    Tue, May 03, 1425 05:30PM
  • Joan of Arc Yay! Someone believes me. The dauphin Charles has given me a troop of men to lead to Orleans. I have 2 visions: 1. We will beat the English at Orleans and drive them from France! 2. We will have a city named New Orleans in a far away land one day!

    Fri, Apr 03, 1429 09:30PM
  • Joan of Arc Mission accomplished! :) Charles VII, dauphin of France, is now crowned rightful KING! Whew! That only took me + visions from God + over a hundred years of fighting!

    Sat, Jul 18, 1429 10:00AM
  • Joan of Arc I don't know what's more ridiculous.. the fact that I am being sentenced as a heretic for talking to God or the fact that they bring up the issue of me wearing men's clothing. They say are going to burn me at the stake & if they do, may God judge them.

    Mon, May 30, 1431 07:02AM
  • Bishop Pierre Cauchon Don't let this heretic fool you fine Christians out there in Christendom! She is a witch, her visions are of the devil, and she pretends to be a man for crying out loud. OMGosh! It's just so unnatural.

    Thu, May 15, 1451 12:01PM