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middle ages

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Historical Figures

  • charles Marteli was a military and political leader that served as mayor of the palace under the mervingian kings ...

Historical Timeline

  • charles Martel I was born in heristal im the intelligate son of Duke Pepkin II

    Thu, Feb 16, 688 12:00AM
  • charles Martel cival war 715-718 after I gathered men I met radbod at chologne and after all that work I still lost and i put my counrty to shame

    Mon, Oct 22, 688 10:00AM
  • charles Martel I was imprisoned in cologne by perlectrude so i wouldnt be ables to get the land of neustria

    Tue, Dec 14, 715 12:00AM
  • charles Martel miltary genius- on the way back home me and my troops spotted an malmedy army going back home so I took this as an advantage we attackeds at midday when they least expected it

    Thu, Mar 22, 717 12:00AM
  • charles Martel foriegn wars- while i was winning these wars I gained something i never thought i would get i gained the loyalty of 7 foreign bishops

    Sun, Mar 31, 718 12:00AM
  • charles Martel consolidation of power- as I pushed radbod back into his territory me and my men pushed the saxons back to weser thus securing my borders

    Sat, Apr 13, 718 12:00AM
  • charles Martel I was begged by Pope Gregory III to aid him in a battle against the liutprand

    Wed, Jun 29, 721 12:00AM
  • charles Martel eve tours-the muslims were not aware of how powerful we were after I had prepared for the battle

    Sat, Jan 31, 725 12:00AM