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Middle Ages

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Historical Figures

Historical Timeline

  • Edward Today I came along Alfred the Great. We decided to go to the throne of wessex and were determind to drive the Danes from the island. I knew me and good old #Alfred the great could do it.

    Wed, Nov 04, 871 05:00AM
  • Norman Norman here.. going to invade some new places today! Leaving Scandinavia!! -Lifes good being a #Viking :)

    Wed, Nov 03, 900 08:00AM
  • Johnny Johnny here.. Get up at dawn, work the oxen, plow the land, not free, hungry. Only thing good is-probably die young. Good Old #Medieval Peasants

    Sat, Nov 03, 987 06:00AM
  • Johnny So like two minutes ago I was walking through Europe right and saw pepin's son and the greatest Frankish king. #Charlemagne :)

    Sat, Nov 03, 987 06:30AM
  • Thomas I was walking in an area between the cities of Poitiers and Tours, located in north-central France, near the village of Moussais-la-Bataille and began too notice fighting. I sware i was dreaming but really it was #Battle of tours

    Sun, Nov 04, 987 06:00AM
  • Thomas So im in english class right and the teacher goes whats the Latin word for "Great Charter"? And Im thinking to myself we in english class woman not Latin. SMH #Magna Carta

    Sun, Nov 04, 987 08:00AM
  • Johnny Monks&nuns believe they have to live a christian life. Monks live in manasteries&nuns oh well they live in convents -and i thought i had it bad! lol #Monastic Life

    Fri, Nov 09, 987 06:00AM
  • Louis I denie the truth of the Church's principles or who preach beliefs not approved by the church. This is how us #heretics roll!!! Im moving!!

    Sun, Nov 25, 987 08:00AM
  • Thomas I learned In class today that #Eleanor of Aquitiane was a wife of two kings!! "two" -I was thinking this woman must have a good life maybe I can be number 3!! lol :)

    Fri, Nov 03, 1122 06:00AM
  • Thomas Im sitting in class right and teacher goes #Henry the II made decisions that increased royal authority. Then she says something about feudal Military Service I sware she said funeral instead of feudal. Had me thinking about the day i die.

    Wed, Nov 24, 1154 05:00AM