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The period of time when the making, selling, or movement of alcohol was prohibited between 1919 and 1933. This movement increased organized crime and was repealed during The Great Depression as a means to increase revenues through sales and weaken the grip of crime lords.

Historical Figures

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd President. Signed the Cullen-Harrison Act giving alcohol a maximum volume of 3.2% to help repeal Prohibition. Congress already had Repeal in the works ...

  • Pauline SabinOpposed Prohibition because it was leading to disregard for the law, glorifying criminal bootleggers, and allowing teens to drink. ...

  • Al CaponeChicago gangster in charge of selling liquor to more than 10,000 speakeasies and controlling the transport of alcohol from Canada to Florida ...

Historical Timeline

  • Al Capone Treasury agents seized his Cadillac with bullet-proof glass and run-flat tires. It became FDR's Limo

    Fri, Apr 01, 1932 02:00AM
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR won Presidency after campaigning to repeal Prohibition and winning the wet vote.

    Tue, Nov 01, 1932 11:00AM
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed the Cullen-Harrison Act limiting the maximum alcohol content to 3.2% as a way to work around Prohibition.

    Sat, Apr 01, 1933 05:00AM
  • Pauline Sabin Through Pauline Sabin's efforts the 21st Amendment was signed repealing Prohibition.

    Fri, Dec 01, 1933 05:00AM