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Secession and the Civil War

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With the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the sourthern states afraid of the abolishment of slavery declared their secession from the United States. These States formed the Confederate States of America, the following five years would be the bloodiest years in this countries history. These years would forever change the nation and the people that call it home.

Historical Figures

  • Francis Wilkinson PickensFrancis Wilkinson Pickens Governor of South Carolina 1860-1862, the first state to secede from the Union. He was a leading force in the secession of the ...

  • James BuchananJames Buchanan, 15th President of the United States. Buchanan failed to prepare for the secession of the sourthern states. He was severely criticized for ...

  • Jefferson DavisJefferson Davis a Democratic U.S. Senator form Mississippi. As a senator, he argued against secession, but agreed each state had the right to secede if it ...

  • Robert E LeeRobert E Lee led a distinguished career as an officer in the United States Army. In early 1861 he denounced secession as a revolution. In 1861 Abraham ...

  • Fredrick DouglassFredrick Douglass an excaped slave was a leading force in the abolitionist movement. He gave many lectures on slavery and wrote his own autobiography that ...

  • Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln 16th president of the United States. Elected in 1860 he served through the most difficult time in our countries history. He would reunite ...

Historical Timeline

  • Abraham Lincoln You should all listen to me, "A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. You may not believe me but this will come to pass.

    Tue, Jun 01, 1858 03:05AM
  • Abraham Lincoln If I am nominated as the Republican Candidate make no contracts that bind me. I believe that slavery is an issue that needs to be adressed.

    Fri, May 18, 1860 03:05AM
  • Francis Wilkinson Pickens I told all of you if Lincoln was elected president South Carolina was out of here. Well consider us gone we are going to form a new nation, a Confederate nation. Mr Lincolin you will not be able to rule over us, so keep your nose out of our business.

    Sat, Nov 10, 1860 04:05AM
  • Abraham Lincoln You cannot just leave the union, the federal government rules over state governments when I get into office I will fix this situation.

    Sat, Nov 10, 1860 05:05AM
  • James Buchanan I tried everything I reorganized my cabinet nothing seems to work. Hey you guys congress work with me here give me some emergency powers.

    Tue, Jan 08, 1861 06:05AM
  • James Buchanan I dont't know what to do, war with the south is not the answer. I better not take any action.

    Fri, Feb 01, 1861 01:05PM
  • Jefferson Davis In the beginning I was not for this secssion idea but if I get to be president I guess I all for it know. Hey Lincoln I have just as much power as you now. If you know whats good for you leave us alone. If you try and force any of your northern ideas on u

    Sat, Feb 09, 1861 02:05AM
  • Abraham Lincoln Man it's about time I get to take the office of the president, maybe now I can do something to solve this sesecession issue. Buchanan I hate to disappoint but you suck at the job of President of this nation. By the way Jefferson, I'm the real president an

    Mon, Mar 04, 1861 01:05PM
  • James Buchanan Lincoln I might suck at being president, but now it's your problem. If you are as happy in entering the White House as I shall feel on returning to Wheatland, you are a happy man.

    Mon, Mar 04, 1861 01:35PM
  • Robert E Lee I am sorry Mr. Lincoln as you probably already know my state of Virginia has also seceded and I cannot take up arms against my home state.

    Thu, Apr 18, 1861 03:05AM