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The Feminist Movement

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During the second wave of feminism, many women challenged their position in society. They felt stuck in a position where they were nothing but housewives. They, as Betty Friedan stated in her book, "The Feminine Mystique" began to ask the question "Is this all".

Historical Figures

  • Eleanor RooseveltAdvocate for women's rights, Eleanor used her position as first lady to connect with the American women. ...

  • Gloria SteinemMost known for her work on Ms Magazine and political activism, Gloria Steinem became a voice for the women's liberation movement and a role model for many women. ...

  • bell hooksAuthor Gloria Jean Watkins (aka bell hooks) challenged the all white feminism. Stated in works that feminism, "rooted in neither fear nor fantasy... ...

  • Betty FriedanFeminist and author Betty Friedan is arguably the stater of the second wave of feminism. With her book The Feminine Mystique, Friedan challenged women to ...

Historical Timeline

  • bell hooks Just went to the library, are there NO books written by and about black women?! #URG

    Thu, Mar 22, 1973 04:30PM
  • bell hooks USC Here I come! So excited to be teaching English and lecturing in Ethnic Studies!

    Sat, Sep 11, 1976 02:30PM