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The Ku Klux Klan in Michigan

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Historical Figures

  • Asa BartlettI was born in 1898. I am a World War I veteran and many people know me as 'The Blue Lake Bomber'. I live in Blue Lake Township. I am also a constable and ...

  • Robert E. MilesMy name is Robert Miles, but most call me Pastor Bob! I grew up in Washington Heights, New York City! I graduated from George Washington High School in ...

  • Cyril WatersCyril Waters was born in Newaygo County but spent most of his adult life in Chicago, Illinois. He was a Kleagle and was responsible for recruiting many ...

Historical Timeline

  • Asa Bartlett Finally, all moved into my new home. I surely am going to miss all friends and family back in Chicago!

    Sat, Aug 02, 1913 03:13PM
  • Cyril Waters Today I was introduced to the Ku Klux Klan in Chicago and decided to join the clan of Thomas A. Watson Klan No. 16. I'm very excited to see what comes from my entry into this powerful membership.

    Fri, Sep 01, 1922 08:00AM
  • Cyril Waters I made my first recruitment today, but it will not be my last. His name is Charles Sheridan and he is originally from Chicago. I enjoyed his company because we talked all about the city which we both knew much about. I believe he is a great addition to th

    Wed, Aug 01, 1923 01:00PM
  • Cyril Waters I am back where I belong, in Newaygo County, and today I begin my Kleagle duties of recruiting men into the first site of Klan-building in the county. I will do my job and make this clan big and powerful.

    Wed, Aug 01, 1923 04:00PM
  • Cyril Waters I have been working as a carpenter at the Newaygo Portland Cement Company for quite some time now and it has been a great place to find men to recruit to the clan. I have recommended eighteen men, seventeen from Newaygo and one from Grant. Most of the men

    Mon, Oct 01, 1923 06:00AM
  • Asa Bartlett Have a great day, to all my fellow brethern in their march down in Grand Rapids! I wish.all of you the best of luck on your march.

    Sat, Jul 04, 1925 12:34PM
  • Asa Bartlett The bomb, it was a complete success! Now my political future is looking to come along.

    Sat, May 22, 1926 06:00PM
  • Asa Bartlett Oh no! I am now sentenced to life in prison... Can this day get any worse?! :(

    Tue, Jun 01, 1926 06:00PM
  • Robert E. Miles Really hopping George Wallace is our next President! Super busy campaigning for him!

    Thu, Oct 10, 1968 12:00PM
  • Robert E. Miles Finally I just became Grand Dragon and National Chaplain of the United Klans of America. Shhh! Keep that on the down low.

    Wed, Jan 01, 1969 01:00AM