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The Purple Gang

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The rise and fall of the Purple Gang in Detroit

Historical Figures

  • Arnold BungeBorn 1901 Died 1989 Mr. Bunge was the assistant prosecuting attorney who gained fame during the 1930's Licavoli Purple Gang trial as a hard-hitting ...

  • Raymond BernsteinLeader of the Purple Gang. ...

  • Abe AxlerBorn: 1901 Died: November 26, 1933 Grew up with other gang members. ...

  • Harry KeywellBorn: December 8, 1910 Died: August 30, 1997 The Purple Gang's most feared member ...

  • Eddie FletcherBorn: 1898 Died: November 26, 1933 The Purple Gang-most prominent member Grew up with other members of the purple gang. Those members include Abe Axler, ...

Historical Timeline

  • Arnold Bunge Arnold Bunge, a native of Plymouth Michigan, grew up in the Lutheran Orphans Home. He would later serve on the Board of Directors for the home.

    Tue, Jan 01, 1901 03:00AM
  • Eddie Fletcher The begining of the Purple Gang

    Wed, May 01, 1918 12:00PM
  • Raymond Bernstein The gang hijacked prizefight films and forced movie theaters to show the films for a high fee. They also defrauded insurance companies by staging fake accidents.[8] The Purple Gang controlled and operated most of the illicit and semi-illicit activities in

    Sun, Dec 12, 1920 03:00AM
  • Abe Axler Served 4 years in Sing Sing on burglary charges.

    Mon, Oct 03, 1921 12:00PM
  • Eddie Fletcher Cleaners and Dyers war-the date marks the death of Sam Sigmond and Samuel Polakoff. They were killed because they openly opposed the Purple Gang's threats.

    Mon, Oct 26, 1925 12:00AM
  • Arnold Bunge Mr. Bunge passed the Ohio Bar examinations after graduating from the University of Toledo.

    Fri, Jan 01, 1926 03:00AM
  • Eddie Fletcher Eddie Fletcher is believed to be one of the shooters in the Milaflores Massacre.

    Tue, Mar 01, 1927 03:00AM
  • Harry Keywell In 1929 Harry Keywell was questioned, together with Eddie Fletcher, about the St. Valentines massacre which took place in Chicago and where 7 men were brutally slain in orders of Al Capone.It is known that Capone had good connections with the Purple Gang

    Tue, Jan 01, 1929 03:00AM
  • Abe Axler Abe Axler and Eddie Fletcher were jailed for 2 years for bootlegging.

    Sat, Jun 01, 1929 03:00AM
  • Abe Axler Abe Axler and his life-long best friend, Eddie Fletcher, attempted to take control of the Purple Gang in the early 1930's.

    Wed, Jan 01, 1930 03:00AM