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Broadcast for The Civil Rights Movement

Starts on Sat, Mar 17, 2012 04:35PM

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Sonia Sanchez The reason why Malcolm was so effective was because the moment that he came into an audience, he told them exactly what he intended to do with them. What he said to the audience is that we are enslaved.

Fri, Aug 06, 1920 05:35PM

Sonia Sanchez Malcolm's message was a message that came out to men and women.

Fri, Aug 06, 1920 05:35PM

Sonia Sanchez And everyone looked at first and said “who? we are enslaved? we’re free. and he began to tell us and explain to us in a very historical fashion just what our enslavement was about.

Fri, Aug 06, 1920 05:36PM

Sonia Sanchez I wrote a poem that was contributed to Malcolm after he was assassinated.

Thu, Aug 06, 1925 04:35PM

Sonia Sanchez He was the sun that tagged the western sky and melted tiger-scholars while they searched for stripes.He said, "Fuck you white man. we have been curled too long. nothing is scared now. not your white face nor any land that separates.

Thu, Aug 06, 1925 04:37PM

Ruth Batson Babe_Ruthie: our school is to crowded were sitting in the hallways while the whit kids have class rooms and desk to sit at. #WHATSGOINGON!!!

Sat, Sep 10, 1955 11:00AM

Ruth Batson Babe_Ruthie:I went to visit a white school today. WE GET TREATED LIKE TRASH COMPARED TO THEM #NOTFAIR

Wed, Sep 21, 1955 11:15AM

Ruth Batson I got home this morning to my mom screaming and yelling about the white schools saying that we are stupid and don't deserve to be in the same schools

Fri, Sep 30, 1955 07:00PM

Jo Ann Gibbson Rosa Parks is being arrested. I wonder what she has done to be arrested, but I will go and fight for her and our rights on these busses.

Thu, Dec 01, 1955 06:00PM

Rosa Parks I’m so tried. I need to sit down and rest my legs and get home.

Thu, Dec 01, 1955 06:00PM

Rosa Parks A white man and the bus driver asked me to move my seat. It make me so mad, but I asked them nicely to stop but they won’t stop.

Thu, Dec 01, 1955 06:05PM

Jo Ann Gibbson I tried to warn the mayor, but he just ignored my warning. I wish our mayor would try to to stop this unfair treatment of African Americans.

Thu, Dec 01, 1955 06:30PM

Rosa Parks They stopped the bus to find a phone and call the cops, I am scared and I don’t what to do.

Thu, Dec 01, 1955 06:30PM

Jo Ann Gibbson I feel that the actions that were taken today were very unnecessary. Now is the time to put my plan in action.

Thu, Dec 01, 1955 06:45PM

Rosa Parks The cops arrived and arrested me and now I’m spending time in jail.

Thu, Dec 01, 1955 07:00PM

Rosa Parks I called my mother from jail and her first question was “did you get beat?”

Thu, Dec 01, 1955 07:15PM

Jo Ann Gibbson Well I think I am going to be staying up for a few morebhours to finish the rest of these 52,000 pampfelts.

Fri, Dec 02, 1955 03:00AM

Jo Ann Gibbson One more hour till we start the massive boycott on the busses in Alabama I feel my adrenaline kicking in my body.

Fri, Dec 02, 1955 07:15AM

Rosa Parks It has been a few days since I was in jail and now people are not riding the buses because of me and it feels good that people are supporting me and fighting for what is right.

Sun, Dec 04, 1955 06:00PM

Jo Ann Gibbson ​The police are throwing rocks through my windows and pouring acid on my car.

Tue, Feb 14, 1956 02:00AM

Jo Ann Gibbson ​HEY! Wait a minute, the cops are protecting me but they were trying to hurt me before.

Wed, Feb 15, 1956 03:30PM

Jo Ann Gibbson The mayor has given me the protection from the police. It makes me feel good to know that our mayor cares.

Wed, Feb 15, 1956 03:31PM

Ernest Green It's my Birthday today! wish i did not have to go to school : (

Sat, Sep 22, 1956 08:25AM

Ernest Green ErnestGreen57 : first day of school today, very nervous hope everything works out okay..I’m not so sure thought. Keep you all posted! #senioryear!

Sun, Sep 23, 1956 08:25AM

Ernest Green Got to school and the National Guard Soldiers would not let us in, my moms going to be so mad. #grr

Sun, Sep 23, 1956 08:41AM

Ernest Green ErnestGreen57: Well this is going terribly, @ElizabethEckford I’m sorry i heard the riot people yelling at you, not the best way to start the school year when they all say they want to Lynch you. #it'llgetbetter

Sun, Sep 23, 1956 01:00PM

Ernest Green the first few days they want to rush us in and out the back door.. this is going to take some getting use too

Tue, Sep 25, 1956 08:00AM

Ernest Green ErnestGreed57: “i heard that the president ordered the 101 airborne division to escort all of us in tomorrow @MinnieBrown @ELizebetheckford @JeffersonThomas @CarottaLainer @GloriaKarlmark @ThelmaMOthershed-Wair @MelbaBeals @TerrenceRoberts.

Wed, Sep 26, 1956 10:00PM

Ernest Green Okay these mobs outside the school are getting old now, at least my police escort is very nice.

Sat, Sep 29, 1956 12:00AM

Ernest Green just watched Minnie Brown dump a huge bowl of chili on some white kids head. looks like she had enough of them making fun of her

Wed, Feb 13, 1957 10:30AM

Ernest Green @MinnieBrown looks like you got a suspension for a while. i know they we're asking for it. #: (

Fri, Feb 15, 1957 12:34AM

Ernest Green I decided to branch out and ask some white kids what they thought about us in the school now, very different responses!

Sat, Mar 16, 1957 02:00PM

Ernest Green "we integrating students share many things in common" that was nice to hear. that was 1 student out of about 2,400

Sat, Mar 16, 1957 03:00PM

Ernest Green I'm getting so nervous about graduation in may, I've heard rumors #pleaseletmemakeit

Fri, Apr 12, 1957 10:45AM

Ernest Green It's the morning of graduation and i'm freaking out, everyone thinks the school is going to get bombed because I'm the first black student to graduate.

Sat, May 25, 1957 08:00AM

Ernest Green Ive never in my life seen something like this, i went to get my diploma across the stage and not one person clapped.. #yikes

Sat, May 25, 1957 11:30AM

Ernest Green Got my diploma graduating with high Honors! i sure showed all these white kid.#woahwhooo

Sat, May 25, 1957 12:00PM

Elizabeth Eckford Oh my god... I'm late to school on my first days, momma had me cook her a good breakfast before I went on my way. #frenchtoast

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 08:00AM

Elizabeth Eckford Where are all of my friends? All I see is white heads, barking orders at me! Where are you @ErnestGreen57?!?!?

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 08:10AM

Elizabeth Eckford All these white people are so rude... I can barely see the school and already I'm being harassed to an extreme. #imagetlynched

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 08:25AM

Elizabeth Eckford Still trudging through this ocean of white... will I ever get to the school? #ANNOYING

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 08:30AM

Elizabeth Eckford I've finally arrived to the school, and it's all out war here. Everyone's fussin' and riotin' and I don't know what going on... #HELP

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 08:40AM

Elizabeth Eckford So there's military personnel outside of the school, preventing me from entering... #segregation

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 08:45AM

Elizabeth Eckford I guess me and @ErnestGreen57 will not be getting educated today, haha. Tomorrows another day.

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 08:50AM

Elizabeth Eckford Our police escort has arrived at last, all of us will be getting home safely today! Try again tomorrow...

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 09:00AM

Elizabeth Eckford I haven't tweeted in a while... I've been at home thinking about why the whites must act the way they do, we're just the same as them... #depression

Wed, Sep 04, 1957 05:00PM

Elizabeth Eckford I'm leaving my house early to get to school on time today... Hopefully no harassment until I get in the building.

Thu, Sep 05, 1957 08:00AM

Elizabeth Eckford So today the National Guard... The 101st Airborn Division... is once against outside of the school, but this time they're fighting the riots to get us in! Yes! Finally the tides have turned!

Thu, Sep 05, 1957 08:30AM

Elizabeth Eckford Ahhhh YES! All of us are finally in the school! It's a little different because we all have personal soldiers to escort us from class to class so we don't get harassed by all the racist whites.

Thu, Sep 05, 1957 09:30AM

Elizabeth Eckford First day of school and Minniejean has had enough already, haha! She dumped an entire bowl of chili on this white boys head! #Hahahah

Thu, Sep 05, 1957 10:00AM

Elizabeth Eckford My personal soldier is very dreamy and smart. I don't want him to ever leave! So far the day has been alright, the whites know there is nothing they can do to change us being here. #success

Thu, Sep 05, 1957 11:00AM

Elizabeth Eckford Hey ya'll, haven't tweeted in a while because I'm so focused on doing well in school. Things have been going MUCH better! The riots have died down, and so has the harassment.

Wed, Sep 25, 1957 10:30AM

Elizabeth Eckford Hey everyone, just thought I'd tweet before I started my homework... Everything is GREAT, and I even have a few white folks that I talk to from time to time, I want to thank #eisenhower and #faubus for making this all happen!

Sun, Oct 13, 1957 09:00PM

James Peck I think we should gather a group of people, blacks and whites, and ride the buses.

Mon, May 01, 1961 11:20AM

James Peck Who wants to stop segregation in the South?

Mon, May 01, 1961 11:00PM

James Peck Blacks and whites should not be separated. The federal government forbids segregation on buses and terminals, but the South doesn't care!

Mon, May 01, 1961 11:10PM

James Peck We can call ourselves The Freedom Riders!!

Mon, May 01, 1961 11:30PM

James Peck If we get attacked, it will get Kennedy’s attention and he will have to do something.

Mon, May 01, 1961 11:40PM

James Peck Seven blacks and six whites just left Washington D.C. to go to the South and try to desegragate buses and trains.

Thu, May 04, 1961 11:55AM

James Peck when we first arrived in Birmingham there was a mob that was going to attack us on the sidewalk near the loading platform #Run

Thu, May 25, 1961 12:30PM

James Peck I think they have iron bars in their hands.

Thu, May 25, 1961 12:35PM

James Peck Even though we are scared we should continue with the plan. Charles and I are going to eat lunch at a white counter.

Thu, May 25, 1961 12:40PM

James Peck Charles Person tried to desegregate lunch counters so that whites and blacks can both eat in the same area

Thu, May 25, 1961 01:00PM

James Peck when we entered the white waiting room we wanted to eat at the white lunch counter but we got kicked out.

Thu, May 25, 1961 02:00PM

James Peck it was 6 on 1 after I got pushed into an alleyway...they swung at me with fists and pipes

Thu, May 25, 1961 02:20PM

James Peck On my way to Montgomery with other freedom riders...just got attacked by a mob and am beaten badly.

Thu, May 25, 1961 06:00PM

James Peck my head hurts i woke up unconcious, someone needs to stop them..i cant remember the details of what happened but its all in the newspapers.

Fri, May 26, 1961 09:00AM

James Peck 53 stitches later and i dont know who attacked us. I hope someone got it on camera.

Fri, May 26, 1961 11:00AM

James Peck I hope this will get President Kennedy’s attention.

Fri, May 26, 1961 06:00PM

James Peck The mob destroyed the reporters camera who I found out later was Tom Langston, they smashed his camera but hopefully he took the film.

Sat, May 27, 1961 12:15AM

Joseph Holloway I can't believe Texas hates us for our color.>:(

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 01:00PM

Joseph Holloway I can't believe the gas station wouldn't sell us gas.>:p

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 03:00PM

Joseph Holloway I think the reason Jim Crow made his laws was because he is afraid of us, they should call him Jim Chicken.Ha he he.:)

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 03:10PM

Joseph Holloway The black bathroom is a gross outhouse?Ewwww.

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 03:12PM

Joseph Holloway How could they make us go to a digusting bathroom?:p

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 03:13PM

Joseph Holloway I don't care how badly I have to go, I am not going in that bathroom!

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 03:14PM

Joseph Holloway I'm glad where leaving Texas after my experience.:)

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 03:16PM

Joseph Holloway I can't wait to leave Texas, the place is filled with racists.>:(

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 05:20PM

Joseph Holloway My uncle is having trouble driving.:0

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 06:00PM

Joseph Holloway My uncle made a wrong turn and I don't know where we r.:0

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 06:10PM

Joseph Holloway We r in Waco, Texas. It should be Wacko.

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 06:12PM

Joseph Holloway It looks like some white guys r burning a black guy tied to a wheel. I'm scared. :O

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 06:13PM

Joseph Holloway Oh my God, they c us.:O

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 06:14PM

Joseph Holloway They are going to kill us, we're doomed. Mom, Dad if you r looking at this I love u guys.<3

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 06:15PM

Joseph Holloway Oh and tell Great Grandma we r sorry for not being there when she passes away but in our d-fence, we will probably die.

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 06:16PM

Joseph Holloway Never mind we got away before they could catch us, but I am never going back, this experience will haunt me.

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 06:20PM

James Peck Clancy Lake was a radio newsman, I hope he is ok after the mob attacked him in his car.

Tue, Jun 13, 1961 03:15PM

Sonia Sanchez People quite often want to make you believe that Malcolm was some terrible man who never smiled, was always scowling and demanding something that was obscene.

Wed, Sep 05, 1962 01:20AM

Sonia Sanchez When I first saw Malcolm on the television, he scared me also, Immediately the family said, “turn off that television. That man is saying stuff you ain’t supposed to hear.”

Wed, Sep 05, 1962 02:20PM

James Meredith yess Ole Miss here i come....whos this old man telling me i cant register to enroll for school #move

Tue, Sep 11, 1962 12:20PM

James Meredith I was supposed to go to three classes today but there was so much gas in one it got canceled so maybe it wasnt such a bad day... maybe they will learn next time

Sat, Sep 29, 1962 02:10PM

James Meredith monday morning i registered and at nine i went to class in colonial american history....wow never knew college would be so bad but its so #easy

Sun, Sep 30, 1962 09:10AM

James Meredith walked into class late luckily he didnt care but it was weird that she was crying maybe from the tear gas because i was crying to but dumb whites you shouldnt have started with me #beastmode

Sun, Sep 30, 1962 01:00PM

James Meredith Walking around the school looking at all these kids but im not in the mood to walk up to them and make friends because thats not my nature if they want me they can come up to me.

Sun, Sep 30, 1962 02:30PM

James Meredith walking around Ole Miss and all the whites are making jokes about me but thats how they are, children and i probably wouldnt except them any other way. #growup

Sun, Sep 30, 1962 06:00PM

James Meredith But school isn't that bad a lot of kids have walked up to me very pleasantly and have been nice to me.....#respect

Sun, Sep 30, 1962 06:10PM

James Meredith my old friend from my old town came up to me at the cafeteria and said if your here to get an education im all for you but if your here to start trouble then im against you. i told him what do you think i am im here for the education this is the opportuni

Sun, Sep 30, 1962 06:20PM

James Meredith life at Ole Miss is so boring there just lecture after lecture never anything fun in class

Sun, Sep 30, 1962 06:30PM

James Meredith Just got rejected from Ole Miss im probably smarter then all these white folks #haters

Thu, Oct 11, 1962 12:06PM

James Meredith Brought this school to court so i can get my chance to go to this school and #ppw....#segregationithinknot

Sun, Nov 11, 1962 12:11PM