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The Civil Rights Movement

Recreated by: bshuman02

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Rosa Parks takes part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. James Meredith struggles for acceptance at Ole Miss. Freedom Riders take to the South in buses. Hundreds of thousands join the March on Washington. Our historical figures in this re-enactment range from famous icons of the past like Rosa Parks and Bayard Rustin to regular people like Cassandra Twymon. Relive the monumental events of the Civil Rights movement through the eyes of the people who witnessed and lived through these times.

Historical Figures

  • Bayard RustinBorn March 17, 1912 was an american civil rights activist. One of the march on washington organizers. Also was a gay rights activist. ...

  • Joseph HollowayIn 1961 my aunt and uncle took us(me and my cousins) to visit my great grandmother, who was dying. We had to go from my home town in L.A. to my parents ...

  • James PeckJames Peck was a white American activist and practiced non violence. In Birmingham, Alabama he was part of the Freedom Riders and wanted to desegreate ...

  • Ralph AbernathyAbernathy was Martin Luther King's closest friend and advisor in their struggle for civil rights. MLK also picked him successor as president of their ...

  • Sonia Sanchez Sonia was in a organization called the New York Core and she was active in the Congress of Racial Equality. She was involved in the Civil Rights Movement in ...

  • Jo Ann Gibbsonshe was a college professor at alabama state college. She got involved with the bus boycotts because she was abused and humiliated on a public bus in ...

  • Rachel TwymonAn African-American mother raising five children in the ghetto of Roxbury at the time of the Boston Busing Crisis, and her children were bused, under the ...

  • Courtland CoxCoulrtand Cox want to Howard University and was also a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Ccommittee. He was at the March on Washington to help ...

  • Elizabeth EckfordElizabeth Eckford was a 16 year old African-American that was part of "The Little Rock Nine" which was a group of nine African-Americans that were specially ...

  • Rosa ParksShe works as a seamstress. she fought for the civil rights. The big thing that she did was to stand strong for not giving up her seat for a white man. ...

Historical Timeline

  • Sonia Sanchez The reason why Malcolm was so effective was because the moment that he came into an audience, he told them exactly what he intended to do with them. What he said to the audience is that we are enslaved.

    Fri, Aug 06, 1920 03:35PM
  • Sonia Sanchez Malcolm's message was a message that came out to men and women.

    Fri, Aug 06, 1920 03:35PM
  • Sonia Sanchez And everyone looked at first and said “who? we are enslaved? we’re free. and he began to tell us and explain to us in a very historical fashion just what our enslavement was about.

    Fri, Aug 06, 1920 03:36PM
  • Sonia Sanchez I wrote a poem that was contributed to Malcolm after he was assassinated.

    Thu, Aug 06, 1925 03:35PM
  • Sonia Sanchez He was the sun that tagged the western sky and melted tiger-scholars while they searched for stripes.He said, "Fuck you white man. we have been curled too long. nothing is scared now. not your white face nor any land that separates.

    Thu, Aug 06, 1925 03:37PM
  • Ruth Batson Babe_Ruthie: our school is to crowded were sitting in the hallways while the whit kids have class rooms and desk to sit at. #WHATSGOINGON!!!

    Sat, Sep 10, 1955 10:00AM
  • Ruth Batson Babe_Ruthie:I went to visit a white school today. WE GET TREATED LIKE TRASH COMPARED TO THEM #NOTFAIR

    Wed, Sep 21, 1955 10:15AM
  • Ruth Batson I got home this morning to my mom screaming and yelling about the white schools saying that we are stupid and don't deserve to be in the same schools

    Fri, Sep 30, 1955 06:00PM
  • Jo Ann Gibbson Rosa Parks is being arrested. I wonder what she has done to be arrested, but I will go and fight for her and our rights on these busses.

    Thu, Dec 01, 1955 05:00PM
  • Rosa Parks I’m so tried. I need to sit down and rest my legs and get home.

    Thu, Dec 01, 1955 05:00PM