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1847 Pioneer Trek

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In April 1847, a group of Mormon pioneers left Omaha, Nebraska and headed west. Their group consisted of 147 men, three women, and two children. Their journey would cover more than 1,000 miles, and cross the Rocky Mountains. This small group would pave the way for more than 70,000 people to make the same journey. Pioneers would continue to cross the plains for over two decades until the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869.

Historical Timeline

  • Levi Jackman I am leaving home with Simon Cantier as pianears to go with the Company of pianears to finde a location for the Saints Some whair in the west

    Mon, Mar 29, 1847 04:33PM
  • Levi Jackman Just arrived at the main camp on the west side of the Missouri river. Likely leave in the morning.

    Fri, Apr 02, 1847 02:29AM
  • Heber Kimball Leaving Winter Quarters with 6 of my teams

    Mon, Apr 05, 1847 03:28PM
  • Heber Kimball We've gone about 4 miles. We formed an encampment with several others in my division.

    Mon, Apr 05, 1847 09:34PM
  • Heber Kimball I am heading back to Winter Quarters for the conference tomorrow.

    Tue, Apr 06, 1847 12:17AM
  • Orson Pratt It has been decided that several of the Twelve, with a company of pioneers, numbering in all, 143 souls, will leave "Winter Quarters".

    Tue, Apr 06, 1847 03:48PM
  • Orson Pratt We intend to explore the country, and find a place the most suitable for forming a settlement.

    Tue, Apr 06, 1847 03:49PM
  • Heber Kimball Saints are gathering for the conference. Most of the Twelve are here. We expect to hear from President Young.

    Tue, Apr 06, 1847 04:48PM
  • Heber Kimball The conference included the sustaining of Church leaders and President Young speaking. It didn't go too long due to the cold weather.

    Tue, Apr 06, 1847 07:04PM
  • Levi Jackman Just arrived at the big Elk horn. We have fell in with 4 teams that started a little before us.

    Tue, Apr 06, 1847 07:43PM