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The Boston tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party was one of the most iconic points in American history. The Tax on tea aggravated the American people; it was like the straw that broke the Camels back. The sons of liberty went aboard a ship and threw all of the tea overboard into Boston Harbor.

Historical Figures

  • Paul RevereMember of the sons of liberty. Took part in the Boston tea party along with several others. Famous for his midnight ride to help out the rebels. ...

Historical Timeline

  • Paul Revere It seems to me king George is trying to restrict us.

    Wed, Dec 12, 1764 03:00AM
  • Paul Revere roomer has it, stamps are going to be taxed alot more.

    Wed, Jan 23, 1765 02:00AM
  • Paul Revere Not liking the stamp act, I hope we dont get taxed more.

    Sun, Mar 03, 1765 12:00PM
  • Paul Revere The British are trying to increase the price of our goods.

    Tue, Jun 20, 1769 01:00AM
  • Paul Revere The British just opened fire on civilians in boston, this is crazy!

    Mon, Mar 05, 1770 12:00PM
  • Paul Revere Can't Believe what just happened.

    Mon, Mar 05, 1770 12:15PM
  • Paul Revere The Boston Massacre just happened. 5 Dead 6 Injured.

    Mon, Mar 05, 1770 12:50PM
  • Paul Revere We should definatly fight for our independance.

    Thu, Apr 16, 1772 10:32AM
  • Paul Revere The Brits are making pointless taxes on goods trying to restrain our markets. We must do something soon.

    Tue, Jul 14, 1772 11:09AM
  • Paul Revere The Tea act is putting a tax on tea. I have had enough of all of these acts, taxing everything.

    Mon, May 10, 1773 12:47PM