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United Kingdom War Cabinet

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Watch WWII unfold day by day through original Cabinet Papers from 1940 held at The National Archives.

Historical Timeline

  • War Cabinet Secretary of State for Air Kingsley Wood reports latest air operations over Britain and Europe http://bit.ly/4YGojm

    Sun, Jan 01, 40 04:00PM
  • War Cabinet Turkey hit by devastating earthquake. Cabinet meets to discuss financial aid and military situation in Finland http://bit.ly/7LqLJm

    Mon, Jan 02, 40 06:00PM
  • War Cabinet Report circulated on Jewish paramilitary organisations operating in British-run Palestine http://bit.ly/7M39uw

    Tue, Jan 03, 40 04:00PM
  • War Cabinet PM Chamberlain removes Secretary of State for War Leslie Hore-Belisha from Cabinet after intense pressure. Oliver Stanley new War Secretary.

    Thu, Jan 05, 40 04:00PM
  • War Cabinet John Reith, former Director General of the BBC, made Information Minister. Sir Andrew Duncan appointed President of the Board of Trade.

    Thu, Jan 05, 40 04:15PM
  • War Cabinet Cabinet meets to discuss Finnish progress against the Russians and the possibility of further assistance http://ow.ly/TglB

    Fri, Jan 06, 40 07:25PM
  • War Cabinet Secret annexe to yesterday's meeting: should Navy violate Norway's territorial waters to hamper German naval operations? http://ow.ly/TgJ9

    Sat, Jan 07, 40 03:00PM
  • War Cabinet Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax presents an analysis of the main themes in Nazi propaganda at the beginning of December http://ow.ly/TgKO

    Sun, Jan 08, 40 04:00PM
  • War Cabinet Churchill announces progress in tackling magnetic mines to Cabinet. 20 German staff in Moscow to assist against Finns http://ow.ly/TgTU

    Sun, Jan 08, 40 07:00PM
  • War Cabinet Secret Annexe: Cabinet discusses Scandinavian neutrality and the personal motives of US Ambassador Kennedy http://ow.ly/TgSj

    Sun, Jan 08, 40 08:00PM
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