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Paul Revere Rides Tonight On @PatriotCast

PatriotCast is an eight-year online reenactment of the American Revolution via Twitter. Created by TwHistory partner Jason Phelan, PatriotCast follows the events of the war in real-time, including Paul Revere’s famous ride tonight and tomorrow’s events at Lexington and Concord. These important moments mark the beginning of the war and the first major events broadcast via @PatriotCast on Twitter. It is also a great way to celebrate Patriot’s Day! PatriotCast follower ehartmanrealtor says: “Your project is probably the best use of twitter so far. I’m really enjoying it.” For more information visit the PatriotCast blog or start following it directly on Twitter. PatriotCast is listed in the TwHistory reenactment directory. If you are organizing a historical reenactment on Twitter and would like to be listed in the TwHistory directory, please contact us.

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