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Goals for 2010

We’ve gotten several requests from people asking how they can start their own TwHistory reenactment. While all the technology exists to run your own project, it can be a bit unwieldy. It involves using tools from several different sites, and there is no easy way to manage it. And once the reenactment is over, there is no way to set it up so that it can be broadcast again the following year.

We’re trying to create a  set of web tools that will make starting, managing, and running your own reenactment much easier. In fact we’re applying to several funding agencies in hopes of getting some money to create tools that would allow users to:

  • Easily start and manage a TwHistory project
  • Create a list characters
  • Schedule or import tweets that would then be broadcast at a certain day or time
  • Broadcast the reenactment every year

If you are interested in starting your own TwHistory project, there is a way that you can help. The funding agencies to which we are applying want to see projects that many people will benefit from. If you think that your organization would use tools like the ones I’ve described above, please send us a message. If we can show that many oragnizations are interested in these kinds of tools, we will have a better chance of getting funded.


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