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1847 Pioneer Trek

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In April 1847, a group of Mormon pioneers left Omaha, Nebraska and headed west. Their group consisted of 147 men, three women, and two children. Their journey would cover more than 1,000 miles, and cross the Rocky Mountains. This small group would pave the way for more than 70,000 people to make the same journey. Pioneers would continue to cross the plains for over two decades until the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869.

Historical Timeline

  • Heber Kimball Have arrived amongst the brethren. Today traveled 12¾ miles. The total distance from Fort Bridger 116 miles & from Fort John 573 miles.

    1847-07-24 12:15:00 UTC
  • Erastus Snow The President & all the rear of the Pioneer company arrived, their health much improved.

    1847-07-24 13:23:00 UTC
  • George A. Smith Potatoes all planted. I planted first. At about two the President and his company came up, all better.

    1847-07-24 14:06:00 UTC
  • Lorenzo Young this day we arrived in the valley of the great Salt Lake.

    1847-07-24 16:31:00 UTC
  • Lorenzo Young my feelings were such as I cannot describe. every thing looked gloomy and I felt heart sick

    1847-07-24 16:32:00 UTC
  • George A. Smith Water let on the ground. Towards evening a slight shower.

    1847-07-24 17:46:00 UTC
  • Erastus Snow We have the creek dammed up and water turned onto our land and several acres of Potatoes & early corn Planted.

    1847-07-24 19:09:00 UTC
  • Erastus Snow Had an excellent meeting. All feel satisfied that the Lord had led us to this very Spot for a Stake of Zion.

    1847-07-25 13:09:00 UTC
  • Levi Jackman Br. Young and the remainder of the Camp cam up which gave us mutch joy and we had a time of rejoysing together.

    1847-07-24 12:07:00 UTC
  • George A. Smith Dam on run for irrigation began. 3 ploughs running and1harrow. 2 ½ acres ploughed. Grass mowing for turnip patch. Prarrie hens. Milkweed.

    1847-07-23 14:00:00 UTC