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Students will interpret and act out an act of Shakespeare's Othello using modern language and technology.

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Jackson's ninth graders' put their own spin and language into Shakespeare's iconic romantic tragedy.

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9th April - 16th May 1917.

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Re-enactment of WWll

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Just checking things out

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A test case

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The Civil War was caused by a variety of events that brought the nation its knees and four years later over 600,000 men, women and children lay dead. What happened once the war started? What decisions were made? What was President Lincoln thinking?

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After reading about the Freedom Rides, pretend you are one of the Freedom Riders yourself on the bus. As you are driving down the road, you see a riot up ahead. Tweet about your experience, why you;re doing what you're doing, your emotional/social reaction to what's about to happen, etc.

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During the second wave of feminism, many women challenged their position in society. They felt stuck in a position where they were nothing but housewives. They, as Betty Friedan stated in her book, "The Feminine Mystique" began to ask the question "Is this all".

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One of the books in the Bible. The old one.

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The battles through the eyes of soldiers from both sides of the front.

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What various leaders during the cold war wish they could have said...

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Today, it's hard to understand why men left their homes and traveled thousands of miles to look for gold. In 1849, a prosperous farmer might make about two or three hundred dollars a year. A factory worker made about a dollar for working a twelve hour day. A skilled craftsmen made a dollar and a half a day. In California, gold was free to anyone who could find it. A miner could take $25 to $35 of gold a day--or even more--out of a riverbed. Stories of miners becoming rich men in a single day spread like wildfire. Gold Fever had struck!

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The Industrial Revolution from the peoples perspective

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Romeo and Juliet

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Rosa Parks takes part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. James Meredith struggles for acceptance at Ole Miss. Freedom Riders take to the South in buses. Hundreds of thousands join the March on Washington. Our historical figures in this re-enactment range from famous icons of the past like Rosa Parks and Bayard Rustin to regular people like Cassandra Twymon. Relive the monumental events of the Civil Rights movement through the eyes of the people who witnessed and lived through these times.

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With the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the sourthern states afraid of the abolishment of slavery declared their secession from the United States. These States formed the Confederate States of America, the following five years would be the bloodiest years in this countries history. These years would forever change the nation and the people that call it home.

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A meeting in Philadelphia going over how to create a government.

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Alexander had a good childhood, he was the son of a king and his mom told him that his dad was Zeus. At the age of twenty he inhereted the role of king when his dad died. After that he goes on a world domination conquest to concur all of the known world.

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Today is a sad day for me. I got fired! I was moving cargo and it fell overboard AGAIN!!!

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Haven't slept for days!! Almost fell asleep on the job!!

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Pay Day!!! it'll feed for months!!

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I can't believe it's Thanksgiving already!! I wish i could be with the family(sigh)

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Today i accidentily dropped some cargo overboard. The boss is REALLY mad!!

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just went to church. BORING! My throat is killing me!!! Where's the doctor?

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I saw Sarah Garcia at the dock today and she wouldn't leave me alone!!HELP!

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Holy Cow its the ORIGINAL Mayflower!! i have always wanted to see it in person!!!OMGosh!

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Today i was sailing from Virginia and isaw a whirlpool just like in the myths!!!!but i was half asleep so IDK.

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you'll never guess what happened today! There was a FROG swimming in the OCEAN!!LOL!

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I am a BlackSmith that eats toast all day. Because that is all we BlackSmiths have.

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*My mother wanted me to be a farmer and tend the fields..proposterous! *In 1671, the Royal Society asked for a demonstration of my reflecting telescope

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*My mother wanted me to be a farmer and tend the fields..proposterous! *In 1671, the Royal Society asked for a demonstration of my reflecting telescope

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I died on March 20. It was a horrible day. #PeaceOutWorld